Local Government

Upcoming City Meetings in Council Chambers 303 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton

  • December 20 at 5pm: City Council
  • December 21 at 6:30pm: Planning Commission Canceled
  • December 22 at 6pm: Library Board
  • January 2 at 4pm: Transportation & Circulation
  •  January 3 at 5pm: City Council
  • January 4 at 6:30pm: Planning Commission
  • January 5 at 6pm: Library Board
  •  January 17 at 5pm: City Council

City Council meeting NEW time 5pm December 20:

On the agenda

  • 5. Hunt Library Revitalization Project
  • 9. Contract with Rincon for planning related to housing element
  • 10. Abandoning a water well easement and sewer easement agreement with Goodman Logistics 2001 East Orangethorpe Ave
  • 11. Abandoning a waterline easment 4100 and 4030 N Harbor Blvd 12. finalize design and construct a new playground at Acacia Park
  • 15. Sale of 1.66 acres of a City owned land at the southwest corner of East Santa Fe Ave and South Pomona to Developer, West Park Investments
  • 17. Consideration of a Mills Act Contract for property at 330 West Whiting Ave for the preservation, rehabilitation & maintenance of historic property.
  • 18. Maple Neighborhood Center Operations


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