Community Voices

City Council December 20 Meeting: Public Comments

The majority of the public comments were from concerned parents of Nicolas Junior High students requesting the City Council to implement item 6 on the agenda “Crossing guard at Olive and Citrus Avenues Adjacent to Nicolas Junior High School.” Parents expressed concern as the intersection is dangerous for students to cross by themselves. Volunteer parents cannot fill this role regularly and requested the Council to adopt the resolution so a crossing guard can be hired. The item was passed in the meeting.

Commenters also expressed dissatisfaction at Mayor Jung, Mayor Pro Tem Whitaker, and Councilmember Dunlap’s decision to reappoint the same mayor and mayor pro tem as last year in the December 13 meeting, going against the Council’s policy of rotation. If the policy was followed, Mayor Pro Tem Whitaker would be mayor, and Councilmember Zahra would be mayor pro tem. Commenters stated that the right of mayoral representation has been taken away from District 5, the district that Zahra represents.

Watch the Fullerton Observer’s coverage of the nomination process on the Observer YouTube channel: Our last issue also includes two articles covering this story.

Other comments discussed the need for safe bike lanes on Orangethorpe Avenue, lack of funding for city services, homelessness, systematic racism, and more.