Fullerton School District Receives California Distinguished Schools Recognition 

State Superintendent of Public Education, Tony Thurmond, recently announced the 2023 California Distinguished Schools. Fullerton School District (FSD) is proud to announce that six of 17 elementary schools in FSD have received this prestigious recognition this year. Acacia, Hermosa Drive, Fisler, Beechwood, Laguna Road, and Sunset Lane Schools each received the 2023 California Distinguished School recognition. 

The California Distinguished Schools program recognizes schools for their hard work, dedication, and resilience shown by educators and schools following the struggles faced by communities stemming from physical and mental health challenges as a result of the pandemic. Data used to select 2023 California Distinguished Schools includes assessment results, chronic absenteeism, suspension rates, and socioeconomic data. 

Statewide, only 6% of all elementary schools received recognition as a 2023 California Distinguished School and FSD is home to six of the schools recognized, the most schools recognized in any Orange County School District. Dr. Caroline Llewellyn, Principal of Hermosa Drive School, shared, “Hermosa Drive is an inclusive, family-friendly community school where high academic standards and kindness are at the core. students, teachers, staff, and parents have worked diligently to achieve exceptional student achievement and an overwhelmingly positive school climate. The 2023 California Distinguished School awards is a reflection of Hermosa Drive’s commitment to excellence, positivity, and collaboration. A variety of programs and opportunities are provided to students to ignite their passions, provide experiences, and empower them to impact and serve their community. Through a whole child learner-centered approach, Hermosa Drive has a balanced and inclusive learning environment with high academic standards, rich integrated programs for healthy minds and bodies, and a community built on partnerships and strong relationships.” 

“It is my pleasure to honor and recognize these 356 elementary schools for providing outstanding public education and opportunities to students. Their innovation and hard work have helped to ensure their students can heal, recover, and thrive—even in the toughest times,” Thurmond said in a press release. “California Distinguished Schools represent examples of not just excellent teaching, learning, and collaboration, but also highly successful, data-driven school efforts ranging from professional development for educators to mental health and social-emotional wellness strategies to address the needs of students and families.” 

The Fullerton School District is located in northern Orange County, California and serves over 11,600 students in grades TK – 8th. The Fullerton School District includes 21 schools, 15 elementary schools, two K-8th grade schools, three middle schools, and a distance learning and home school model. The mission of the Fullerton School District is to work collaboratively with the community to provide an innovative, high-quality educational program for all students in a safe learning environment. The District motto, “Great Schools – Successful Kids” exemplifies the belief that all students will achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills, and develop technological expertise to contribute as productive citizens in a democratic society.

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