Local Government

Report potholes, graffiti and other problems to the city.

The City of Fullerton relies on residents to report problems when they see them. Public Works provides online access to non-emergency services. If you do not find an appropriate service request on the city website (click here to link), you may find it under general repair. You can also download on your phone  MyFullerton App (click here to link)

Report graffiti, pot holes, faulty or vandalized play equipment, storm drain clogs, dangerous tree branches or fallen tree branches, sidewalk repair, street light repair, or broken water main.

There are multiple ways to Report Graffiti via:

Graffiti vandalism is destructive behavior that negatively affects everyone in the community, including property owners, visitors, and residents. If graffiti is not promptly removed, it contributes to the deterioration of neighborhoods. When citizens and the City work together in an effective graffiti removal program, it sends a message that graffiti and other destructive activities will not be tolerated.

Law enforcement and other graffiti control experts agree the best way to prevent repeated graffiti vandalism is to remove it as soon as possible. By working together, the City, its residents, and the contractor can ensure we have a graffiti-free community.