Fullerton Observer Broadcast

Gisselle Monterrosa Adrian Meza

Welcome to the Fullerton Observer Video Recap where we take the biggest stories from the Fullerton Observer Newspaper and give it a more visual spin. Today Giselle talks about: The retirement of Cal State Fullerton President Framroze Virjee, the YMCA’s reopening of the maple community center, and the opening of Fullerton’s temporary cold weather shelter.

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  1. This is outstanding. Hope to see follows on the shelter (how many are being sheltered, any problems arising, reaction from neighborhood, etc.). Hope it’s a success, and leads to more comprehensive efforts.

    • Thank you. Adrian Meza and Gisselle Monterrosas are doing a fabulous job. We do need more volunteers for this project. If you know anyone who would like to be part of this effort they can contact Adrian at:

  2. Whoops – I meant I wish there was info on time, date and place where the Empty Bowls event is being held.

  3. Love this news broadcast! Well done Giselle and Adrian.
    Wish there had been a mention of the the Empty Bowls fundraiser is being held.
    I hope that info is in the print issue.