Landmark Mo’s Fullerton Music Moves to New Location

Mo's Music

Inside Mo’s Music on Harbor Blvd. Photos by Mike Ritto at

It’s likely true that every town has a rumor mill that spirals out of control, so Fullerton is not unique in that. Odd though, lately an inordinate number of crazy rumors have been making the rounds regarding some downtown businesses, so I promised a few locals that I would get to the bottom of this particular one.

No, Mo’s Fullerton Music Centers is not going out of business.

No, they are not moving to a location on Chapman Avenue.

Direct from owner Roger Mo Palmateer, they are in escrow with the former Lutheran Thrift Store location at 1109 East Commonwealth, pictured above. It’s time to downsize, so the current building has been sold, but much of what is currently offered, including music lessons, will be at the new location, about a mile east of Harbor.

As to who is moving in, a 20-year-old employee-owned Web Hosting company is moving in, hopefully bringing a lot of jobs and of course many who will no doubt be sampling the local restaurants for lunch and maybe even after work dining.

In a future issue, we will have some insight from Roger and some of his employees, one of whom has been there for fifty years, oh my.The history of this downtown landmark is quite impressive, and the journey long and inspiring.

Here is a current photos of the guitars and more the store has on offer. Help them move and enjoy the discounts. Everything must go.

Mo's Music

Mo’s Music will be moving to this new location. 1109 East Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton

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  1. I am so sad and distressed about this. That thrift shop has been my favorite store to shop for so long.
    God Bless all the folks who worked and volunteered there! You will be missed!