7 years-old Author Arianna Thapaliya Publishes First Book: The Cat Princess

Arianna is a second grader at Fisler elementary school in Fullerton Orange County CA. It has been a year since Arianna’s mom, Anu, left her body.

“My daughter Arianna wrote a beautiful story in memory of her mom. The idea came to her mind while learning creative writing in her class. She started to write on November 24, 2022, and completed the story on December 8, 2022,” said Arianna’s father, Mr. Thapaliya, “Arianna published a book in memory of Anu on her death anniversary. If the future belongs to our children, it will surely be a bright one.”

The Cat Princess is a story that conveys messages of courage, hope, kindness, love, and generosity. The cat lives in an enthralling world of fantasy, where she and her friends fight with valor to save their kingdom, and the world, from an evil genius. The book is a delightful book to have on every child’s bookshelf.