Community Voices

Hunt Library Receives a Proposal from Korean Community Services

A new proposal for using the Hunt Library building and adjacent property is coming before the Hunt Library Ad Hoc Committee on February 27. The meeting is held in the Fullerton Public Library at 5 pm.

Korean Community Services (KCS) submitted a proposal to build a medical clinic on the land commonly known as the dog park or somewhere else on the Hunt Library land. There is a possibility of housing as well. The medical clinic will allow KCS to manage and upkeep the property and the historic Hunt building. Management includes options of the Hunt having a library space for kids to study after school, arts and crafts classes, and venue rentals. There is the possibility of a long-term lease (50 years) for the property.

Who is Korean Community Services (KCS)?

According to the KCS website, it is a nonprofit organization that has served communities in Southern California for over forty years. They provide comprehensive and integrated health care and social services to vulnerable populations in Orange County.

Initially funded by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, KCS was created as an immigrant mission project of St. Nicholas Korean Church in Los Angeles in 1977. Through the 1970s and 1980s, KCS emerged as a dynamic Korean immigrant social service organization providing job training, information and outreach, counseling, food bank, legal assistance, and educational materials in Los Angeles.

In 1992, KCS relocated to Orange County and expanded its programs to include mandated court counseling for domestic violence, child abuse, drunk driving, and drug offenders. By 2000, KCS became one of the largest Orange County counseling providers serving the Courts, Probation Department, and Social Services.

In 2013, recognizing the immense healthcare needs of immigrants and other vulnerable populations, KCS began offering health screenings and health education to its counseling and social service clients.

By 2016, KCS became a California community clinic and, in late 2019, became a Federally Qualified Health Center.

The community is welcome to attend the meeting and let the committee know what specific programs and requirements they would like. February 27 in the Fullerton Public Library Conference Center at 5 pm.