FRAUD WARNING: CalOptima Health Warns Members About Unauthorized Door-to-door Solicitors

CalOptima Health has received numerous reports from our members about unauthorized solicitations at their apartments and homes. According to these reports, individuals are misrepresenting themselves as CalOptima Health employees in association with free wireless phones. In addition, they may request to see CalOptima Health ID cards and driver’s licenses as well as obtain other personal information, such as a partial Social Security number. CalOptima Health advises members to exercise caution and not share personal information with solicitors.

“I am appalled that fraudsters are taking advantage of Orange County’s vulnerable low-income population by trying to sign them up for a phone service under the guise of a covered Medi-Cal benefit,” said Michael Hunn, CEO of CalOptima Health. “Asking to see a member’s personal information and Medi-Cal ID is a violation of their privacy. CalOptima Health employees would never visit members’ apartments or homes without a scheduled appointment, and we do not offer free wireless phones.”

If a member provided their CalOptima Health ID to an unauthorized person, CalOptima Health urges them to call our Customer Service team toll-free at 1-888-587-8088 to request that a security passcode be placed on their account. They can also request to verify their CalOptima Health account activities and review their Protected Health Information. Members can report fraud by calling our Compliance and Ethics Hotline at 1-855-507-1805.

While CalOptima Health warns members against responding to unauthorized solicitations, government programs are available to help interested low-income individuals obtain discounted or free phone and connectivity services.

Be aware of Wireless phone reps are fraudulently offering free services as a Medi-Cal benefit as well.


About CalOptima Health

A county-organized health system, CalOptima Health provides publicly funded healthcare coverage for low-income children, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities in Orange County, California. CalOptima Health’s mission is to serve member health with excellence and dignity, respecting the value and needs of each person. CalOptima Health serves nearly 974,000 members with a network of more than 9,400 primary care doctors and specialists and 45 acute and rehab hospitals.