Know the Law: Noise Disturbance (Fullerton Ord. 2982, 2001)

What is noise disturbance?

  • Noise Disturbance (loud party, people yelling, etc.): Call the non-emergency police line at 714-738-6800.
  • Ongoing Noise Nuisance: Report to City Code Enforcement Emergency: Call 911 immediately!

Exemptions from Noise Standards

  • Most school activities.
  • Outdoor gatherings with a city permit and sporting and entertainment events.
  • Public locations: Activities conducted on public parks, public playgrounds, and public or private school grounds.
  • Emergency work: any mechanical device, apparatus, or equipment used, related to, or connected with the use of machinery, vehicles, or work due to an emergency. Noise from vehicular traffic on public streets.
  • The Director of Development Services may approve or conditionally approve an exception or limited exemption from the noise level standards of this chapter.

I’ve Been Cited

If you’re cited for noise nuisance, you may file an appeal to City Council within 15 days following receipt of the notice.

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