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  1. Oh goodness… looks like we are down to 4 city council members!? Why did The Observer neglect to include the picture of our sitting Councilman Nick Dunlap in the the state of the city photo? I’m guessing the answer is, just more of the same sloppy, inaccurate, biased, reporting and representation of our city. Councilman Dunlap has proven to be an honest, straightforward, no nonsense council member and a trusted advocate for our city, perhaps this is why you ghosted him.

    • Hi Tanya, Thank you for following us on FaceBook. It is unfortunate that FaceBook modified our photo to fit. I will endeavor to do better when posting photos to FaceBook. I appreciate the critique, but it was not on purpose or as disrespect to Dunlap. As far as I know, none of the Observers has ghosted Dunlap, he has never reached out to us but is more than welcome to do so.