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Irvine is considering leaving the OC Power Authority at May 23 meeting

On May 23, Irvine will consider leaving the OC Power Authority (OCPA), which threatens clean energy choices in Orange County. To protect Irvine residents and make important, successful reforms, we must keep OCPA’s current representatives and keep Irvine in the OCPA.

At the same time, SoCal Edison plans to raise electricity rates by 45% by 2030, demonstrating the urgent need for a viable alternative to the long-standing fossil fuel-powered monopoly. SoCal Edison’s first priority will always be to bring a profit to its shareholders, paid for by OC families. With OCPA, we have an alternative, allowing the choice to save on energy bills and get cleaner energy.

As OCPA’s largest city, an exit by Irvine would likely be the end of OCPA and its many benefits for OC. Orange County deserves leaders who prioritize the health and prosperity of their constituents over personal agendas.

The OCPA has made important progress in recent months to rebuild community trust and increase local clean energy. Without the OCPA, Irvine families face a future of escalating electricity costs without the benefits of local energy resilience and cost-saving programs offered by Community Choice.

Now is the time to raise your voice and advocate for preserving clean energy choices in Irvine and throughout Orange County. 

Click here to email the Irvine council now and/or click here for a toolkit to participate in the meeting.

Orange County deserves leaders prioritizing residents’ health and well-being over their politics. With the host of recent actions to rebuild community trust and increase clean local energy, OCPA is the surest way to the equitable and sustainable Orange County we all deserve.

The OCPA has the power to provide cleaner, renewable energy alternatives to residents and businesses while maintaining competitive rates. Without OCPA, Irvine families face a future of ever-rising electricity rates with none of the local energy resilience and cost-saving programs that Community Choice can provide. 

Raise your voice to keep clean energy choices alive for Irvine and all of OC.

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  1. Irvine decided to stay in OCPA. With the new reforms put in place including dismissal and replacement of the attorney and appointed CEO it is worth giving it a chance. BTW you can sign up for OCPA basic which is 10%. cheaper than SCE. Also – there is a waiting list to get on the SCE 50% or 100% plan which are no longer offered on website. “Currently, SCE is not taking enrollments because interest has exceeded capacity.”

  2. Ayn Craciun is a climate activist and an Irvine employee. Funny, if it was a choice to go with OCPA, why was everyone opted into begin? Green scare, green sham.

  3. The bottom line is that OCPA is not a cheaper alternative to SCE for 100% Renewables. Despite their claims, OCPA 100% rates are and have always been higher than SCE. How do I know? Because I compared and then signed up SCE 100% Renewables to get an additional discount. I’ve saved more than $60 in 5 months and am getting 100% Renewables from SCE. Until there is a legit alternative, I’m staying with SCE. Read my words, ‘I’m getting 100% Renewables CHEAPER with SCE’. OCPA simply can’t compete!

      • Hey David – hard to tell if you are being sarcastic or serious. But this is too serious of a subject to be sarcastic!

        • Sorry, GIl. I have found that sarcasm is just about the only way to deal with entrenched power seekers. And I’ve been dealing with them for over 30 years. Serious doesn’t work, so might as well have some fun..

          • David – I don’t disagree! These corrupt bureaucrats are just seeking to boost their egos at our taxpayer expense. This OCPA has been a fraud from its inception. Irvine taxpayers are on the hook for over 7 Million plus $35 Million. For what? To supposedly save a few pennies with renewables that SCE offers at a better price. There is absolutely NO benefit to OCPA compared to SCE. But The activists don’t care because most of them don’t pay a lot of taxes and get subsidies. The politicians who support OCPA are just seeking power for themselves as they move forward to run for higher office. We all support cleaner climate policies but at what price? Where’s the balance?

            • “There is absolutely NO benefit to OCPA compared to SCE.”

              You’ll never have lower prices without competition.

              But congrats on capturing the SCE 100% renewables unicorn. I tried, never even got an answer. Others have been wait listed.

              Seems like competition is EXACTLY what’s needed. Money talks, bee-ess walks.

  4. How much did OCPA pay you guys to write this? A CEO who has zero experience, a board with questionable ties to arrested lobbyists, not divulging information after repeated requests from Irvine (as the article says, largest city in OCPA) – must be legit!

    • Oh, dear. It’s the sentiment that counts, not real facts.

  5. OCPA is a criminal origanization, thrust upon the citizens by edict, poorly monitored, ineptly staffed and managed by incompetence. There needs to be another choice…these fools are just sucking money from the customers.