Downtown Report: Mid-June 2023

Mike Ritto and Chuck Street
photo by Jere Greene

Downtown Where?

It was back at the turn of the century (does anyone use that term?) when the Fullerton Downtown Business Association decided to band together and put our downtown on the map. We convinced over 60 businesses to join in and contribute to a monthly budget to fund print ads right here in the Observer, Cable TV, and Radio. Somehow, it was in the wind with some good publicity, and Commander Chuck Street read the story. His video producer called my office and asked how he could help. I said there is no official downtown landmark, so I would like to take an aerial photo to show how many businesses there are. Up we went in Chuck’s famous Jet Ranger and got the shots, plus they produced a series of commercials. That flight launched a multi-decade side business and a friendship that lasts to this day.

Helicopter Day photos by Jere Greene

Helicopter Day

It was good to see Chuck at the recent Helicopter Day, where he provided his expert Emcee work for the event. “Helicopter Day was our first large event since June 2019,” said Airport Manager Brendan O’Reilly, “Since that time, demand for space at the airport has dramatically increased, with every hangar and tie-down space now occupied. We were left with less real estate to work with for our events, so we had to plan carefully not to overwhelm the facility regarding parking and traffic congestion. Helicopter Day went very smoothly, and attendees had a great time interacting with pilots, crewmembers, and staff from various City departments. With the success of this event, I’m pleased to announce the return of Airport Day next June 2024. Stay tuned.”

New in Town

Here is a photo of the latest version of the iconic neon POLICE sign we told you about in the Mid-February issue. Fullerton Heritage was successfully raising funds back then, and now it is completely restored and ready to guide all who need to find the front desk and the help they are seeking. This sign and the restored YMCA sign on North Harbor are two very scarce signs of their type left.

Also New

As we all have discovered over the past few years, the medical profession is evolving, and it can be tougher and tougher to get in to see a Dr. A few people close to me have experienced very long waits, weeks and even months, to get the help they need. A growing population and aging Americans, especially those with worsening health conditions and provider shortages, are some of the reasons this is happening to us. The good news is Sunny Hills Urgent Care opened at 140 West Commonwealth on May 15. They treat urgent medical conditions and minor trauma for children and adults of all ages. Keep that in mind if you or someone you know needs immediate care.

Pride Parade photos by Mike Ritto

Pride Parade

The second annual Pride Fest on Saturday, June 3, once again was a day that brought together a large number of people from all over Fullerton and beyond. It was a colorful and inclusive celebration of equality and diversity, plus it was just plain fun. Things got busy early for vendors, and the music of Jennifer Corday & Crew got everyone moving on the warm, sunshiny day. Tim Johnson and his always-smiling wife, Nancy, are topping the list of organizers. Kudos to the many volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and supporters who make this and other events happen here in Fullerton.

Day of Music Reminder June21st