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Farewell to Police Chief Robert Dunn

Police Chief Bob Dunn has accepted a position as Assistant Police Chief in Torrance. His last day in Fullerton will be September 24th. The position usually takes six months to fill.

Dunn was a Lieutenant in Anaheim who came to Fullerton in January 2018 and, in seven months, was promoted to Chief after a scandal involving his predecessor, who was drunk and fighting with EMTs as they tried to assist his injured wife. When it was proposed to the city council that they hire Dunn as the chief, the president of the Fullerton Police Officers’ Association praised Dunn for his work as the acting chief.

The then councilmember Bruce Whitaker said that while agreeing that Dunn should be the permanent police chief, said he thought the five-year employment agreement was too long. He also said he thought the council had delegated too much responsibility to the city staffers in drafting the agreement.

In the short time that Dunn was chief, he changed the culture of the Fullerton Police Dept by being more active in the community and starting the Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement.




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  1. He also presided over a force that just cost the city $ 8.6 million in a settlement over the death of Fullerton resident Hector Hernandez. Did anyone ask him why he is leaving?

    • How exactly do the actions of Mr Hernandez that night and the actions of the officer who was rightfully cleared of any wrongdoing have anything to do with Chief Dunn’s leadership? Talk to your city attorney and city council. Talk to the judicial system that allows these ridiculous lawsuits to go forward. Chief Dunn has restored community trust and has been open and transparent since day 1.

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