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OCPA Sponsors “Korea Day”

Fullerton Mayor  Fred Jung, the Orange County Power Authority Board Chair, and OCPA External Affairs Manager Andrew Di Giovanna (center) welcomed representatives of Daroo to Fullerton on August 3. The OCPA presented a $4,000 check to sponsor the first annual Korean Day Harmony & Respect festival.


For the first time, Daroo Korean Performing Arts and Culture is bringing the “Korea Day Harmony & Respect” annual festival to Orange County. OCPA is proud to be the title sponsor for the event that will be held in Fullerton on October 27-29, 2023, in the Fullerton Downtown Plaza. Daroo Korean Performing Arts and Culture (“Daroo”) was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading and promoting Korean traditional music and arts in the U.S. The mission is to pass down the legacy and spirit of Korea to future generations. OCPA is the Title Sponsor for the “Korea Day Harmony & Respect” Annual Festival.




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  1. It is not uncommon for public utilities to utilize community giving programs to fulfill social responsibility, meet regulatory mandates, engage customers, and support diversity initiatives. I’m glad that Mayor Jung was able to get OCPA to invest in our community.

    • Rob – you are right and so is Amy – it is not uncommon – and it is a nice event. My problem is that I would rather our utilities lower our prices or pay staff more rather than spend it to “engage” us. We are all fully in need of public utilities – they do not need to PR us.

  2. Though this seems like a nice event – I do not understand why any of our “utility” companies spend money in this way, All utilities (water, electricity, gas, sewer, trash, etc) are part of the common good and spending money on entertainment is not what we the residents want. All we want from OCPA is clean energy at the lowest prices possible. Please stop lobbying us and perform your purpose.

    • I am not sure why OCPA is involved in this, either, although I acknowledge that there may be a completely valid reason that I’m not aware of. That said, I am always happy to see events that support diversity of all types and that bring our community together.

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