Community Voices

Neighborhood Gardens Improving Fullerton

Woods & Malvern Gardens

Fullerton residents Bill and Kathy have created beautiful succulent gardens at the corner of Woods and Malvern.

Truslow Neighborhood Garden

Ignacio “Iggy” Morales had the idea to plant a garden to deter people from dumping in the Truslow area. In May 2020, Iggy contacted the city manager for approval to allow the Truslow community to use the water key to water what was already there and to help provide mulch. The goal is to maintain this community garden to inspire others to help the city with their green space, to create community gardens, and to educate people on how to grow plants and collect seeds to make a seed bank. Iggy also uses a calendar to guide and educate himself and the community.

“Iggy is a resident of the community and began working with a few local residents. Shortly after, the Sunrise Rotary got involved and began working with Iggy on the organic growth of the community garden,” said Sunrise Rotary spokesperson David De Leon.

Truslow community came together and decided to start a garden, which turned into a community garden. They began by cleaning up the trash. Then, they put down cardboard and mulch from a local business, A month later, the neighborhood came back to begin planting.

“I hope to educate, inspire, and help create community through gardening,” said Iggy. Today, the garden stands as a testament to community involvement. No longer a trash-filled eyesore, the Truslow area is now full of beautiful gardens.