Balance & Change: Good, Bad, or Indifferent Everything Changes

Today, at this moment, life may be very difficult. I get that. We all have gone through times when life has been challenging. But do you remember what life was like a year ago? Two years ago? I bet it was different. It might have been better; it might have been worse. But it was definitely different.

That is what is important to remember: whatever you are facing now will be changing. It does not matter if life is wonderful and rosy or horrible and scary right now. It will change. You can count on it. If you’re at a part of your life full of love, please hold it tight and appreciate where you are. Enjoy every minute. Please do not take it for granted.

If life is hard, remember that that difficulty will not last forever.

The other important piece you must remember is how quickly time passes. At the beginning, I asked you if you remembered what life was like a year ago. Do you also remember how recent a year ago seems?

It is currently the beginning of October as I write this. It will be the holiday season in a blink of an eye. Summer will be here before you know it. And once again, we will be ready to start the holidays. Time, indeed, does fly.

Whatever you are in the middle of, it will change. Time will pass, and you will be in a very different place. Appreciate now and look forward to the future. And always, always enjoy the journey!