Troy High School Football Team Receives City Championship Award

Coach Echaves celebrating the first CIF win since 2006
A team of Warriors getting the ball
Coach Echaves and Mayor Jung – Awards for City Champions
Celebrating CIF win versus Monrovia. Troy 41 versus Monrovia 28
Coaches celebrating the first CIF win since 2006
Cayleb Quiroz and Jacob Guangorena taking down Monrovia
Seniors/Coaches with Mayor Jung- with certificates of the city championship
Troy High School’s football team, the Warriors, was awarded the city championship certificates on Friday, Nov. 3, 2023. Mayor Jung presented awards to each of the Troy Football members. Not only was Troy’s Football team the City Champions, but they also tied for 1st in the Freeway league.
Troy Football won CIF game # 1 versus Monrovia. This was the first time Troy Football won a CIF game since 2006.
The next game, CIF #2, will be on Friday, Nov. 11 at 7pm at Fullerton Stadium versus Santa Monica.

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