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On the City Council Agenda for Tuesday, November 21, 2023

You may have had the idea that the City Council might take some time off for Thanksgiving, but no—six regular items (items not on the Consent Calendar).

Item #15 on revising Noise Standards and Regulations will be continued until December. Details can be found here: https://fullerton.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

Item #16 is a professional services agreement (ambulances) with Falck Mobile Health Corporation. In case you wondered, these services have been provided since 2003 by Care Ambulance Services, which Falck, a huge Danish Company, has purchased. The agreement would be for three years. The principal change would be for an additional ambulance (currently, there are three 24-hour ambulances) for a 12-hour period (8 AM to 8 PM) starting in 2024. Also, the vehicles will be repainted and rebranded to look more like City Fire Department vehicles. These services seemingly are a revenue source. Staff will evaluate the possibility of bringing all ambulance services in-house.

Item #17 is a report on a Rail District Specific Plan (RDSP). This is a 102-page 2020 report about a 35-acre strip of land south of the tracks within a mile of the Depot running from Harbor to west of Richman. It is unknown why it is on the agenda, but it seems like it may be an outgrowth of the controversy about the Union Pacific Trail (as well as the UP Park, which will be discussed later in the evening ), which runs through part of the area. It is not an action item.

Item # 18  concerns outdated street lights. The problem is clear, but the solution is not.  The city owns 7000 street lights, so there are no problems with half of them. The other 3500 are on outdated series circuits for which transformers are no longer readily available. The City is investigating several alternative approaches, including solar (which is hampered by tree coverage) and having SCE install new circuits and poles that they would own (rather than the City, which is now the case). “Pilot programs” are happening in several parts of the City, including Rolling Hills, the Lillie area, and the Richman area.  New lights will be LED, as are most of the other 3500.  This could engender discussion, especially from neighborhoods where residents value their current lighting fixtures (e.g., Frances and Luanne, etc.).

Item #19 concerns the Union Pacific Park Design. This item has long been controversial and will probably generate discussion. The item asks the Council to approve the park design, which passed the P&R Committee on November 13 on a 3-to-2 vote, suggesting a lack of agreement.  The park is 1.4 acres at Harbor and Truslow, and the design is very crowded with two play areas, pickleball and basketball courts, and community gardens. Looks to me like a long discussion as part of a long night.

Item 20 is an agreement with the Police Management Association. This is a nine-person unit—lots of provisions, including raises totaling at least 20% through the end of 2027.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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