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Broken Pipe & Large Sink Hole Leaves Northwest Fullerton Without Water

A Water Main break at Rosecrans and Euclid had northwest residents out of water for hours – fixed now for some neighborhoods thanks to quick work by city crews. Neighbors exchanged anxious notes on social media apps Nextdoor and Whatspps – till an Instagram update from the Fullerton Police Dept notifying of road closures assured everyone that work had started. However, some homes are still without water and crews were still working on the problem as seen in photo taken around 3:30pm by Denny Bean and another below by Eric Broome showing a huge sink hole surrounded by traffic cones. There were also reports of a plume of gushing water at the site but no one has sent in photos yet.

Fullerton has the highest number of water main breaks of all surrounding cities. Half of our pipes are over 50 years old. This is result of many former city councils kicking replacement and maintenance down the road. Now we are faced with higher water rates to get the situation under control. If we don’t we can look forward to many more breaks. On the flip side, a few hours without water was probably a good lesson for the young about the importance of running water (something that we take for granted) and water conservation.


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