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Truck with Passengers Careens into Brea Creek

 A truck carrying several people drove into the Brea Creek running along Malvern Ave., just west of Bastanchury Road Sunday afternoon, February 10. No other vehicles seemed to have been involved in the crash. The silver extra cab truck could be seen sitting upright and unoccupied in the shallow creek water as firefighters and a tow truck crew prepared to haul it back up the banks to a waiting tow truck.
A man identifying himself as one of the vehicle’s occupants said that tire blowouts caused the truck to swerve into the westbound lane of oncoming traffic on Malvern. Attempting to correct course back into the eastbound lane, he said, sent the truck through the fence and into the concrete creek bed below, where it evidently came to rest without any injuries to the occupants.
Several Fullerton police vehicles blocked Malvern Ave. from Bastanchury for several hundred yards eastward, creating a backup of dozens of cars diverted into the parking area of an apartment complex on Bridgeport Circle, just west of the accident site.”

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