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Fullerton Water Rate Increase Meeting March 11

For my Fullerton neighbors:

Fullerton Ad Hoc Water Rate Study Committee Meeting – 3/11/19 (New Location)

The next, and likely last, meeting of the Fullerton Ad Hoc Water Rate Study Committee will be this Monday – 3/11/19 at 8 AM. The location has been changed to the Board Room at the Fullerton Community Center (directly across Commonwealth Ave. from the Library) in order to accommodate more members of the public.

The drafts of two important documents related to the new proposed water rates are now available. Note that these are not final, and may change following discussion at the the 3/11/19 meeting. I don’t think these documents are available on the city website, so I have posted them on a website that I manage.

The first document is the draft of the consultants’ complete rate study report with appendices:

The second document is the draft of the consultants’ presentation for the 3/11 meeting where the new rates will be on the agenda:

If you are unable to attend Monday’s meetings, please read at least the second document, and send me your comments. I will send them to the ad hoc committee.

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  1. City of Fullerton elected officials have been derelict of duty concerning our city’s infrastructure & public roads while lining the pockets of high-ranking police & fire manager pension & fringes benefits.

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