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Kressin Bros Show Off Downhill Racers They Built at 25 Annual Muckenthaler Hotrod Car Show May 18

Max, Mars, and Will Kressin will show off the downhill racers they built.

The Kressin brothers, Max, Mars, and Will will be showing off the downhill racers they built at this years 25th Anniversary Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival in Fullerton. They will be there on Saturday, May 18th.

The brothers built the gravity racers using scraps of wood and with help from their grandpa Herman Mendez. In 2015 they found plans to build their first racer in a library book, “The Buffy-Porcen, A Car You Can Build and Drive” by Peter Stevenson. They just recently built the second racer and will show off their work at the car show.

The Saturday Hotrod Car Show begins at 8am and runs through 2pm. Admission is $5 (kids under 12 are free) The Muckenthaler Cultural Center is located at 1201 W. Malvern in Fullerton. You can find more details about the show at