Nouveau Chamber Ballet’s “Cigale”

Fullerton’s own ballet company, Nouveau Chamber Ballet, presents “Cigale” and other works, on Saturday evening, June 1st, at 7:30pm at the Campus Theatre at Fullerton College.

Artistic Director Lois Ellyn has set Jean de La Fontaine’s fabulist retelling of the Aesop’s Fable “The Ant and The Grasshopper” upon Lina Adachi as ‘Cigale,’ with Edgar Nikolyan as her lover.

The Grasshopper, Cigale, is a kind and generous friend to all, singing away the summer, and sharing her possessions and provisions with all who are in need, to the consternation and fury of the industrious Ant, yet, when winter comes, Cigale is scorned as frivolous and wasteful, and there are none to help her survive.

Originally presented by Lois Ellyn and Nouveau Chamber Ballet for the school children thanks to grants by the OC Arts Council, Cigale is an award-winning story ballet that is at once delightful, tragic, and poignant.

Other works presented that evening will include powerful contemporary, modern, and flamenco fusion pieces by Scott Anderson, Emilio, David Kim, and Edgar Nikolyan. Two solo ballet variations will be presented by Clare Dietrich in the Odalisque Variation from Le Corsaire, and Lina Adachi in a variation from Le Talisman, both originally choreographed by Marius Petipas.

Festival seating tickets are $35 each by check or cash. Credit card payments can be accepted at the door on the evening of the production for a slight additional charge. To arrange to purchase and pick up tickets in advance of the production, please call Lois Ellyn Studio at 714-526- 3862.

The Fullerton College Campus Theatre is located at 321 Chapman Avenue in Fullerton. It is located just northeast of the intersection of Chapman at Lemon, and ample parking is available both on campus and nearby.

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