June 7th Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk happens the first Friday of every month from 6-10pm at various venues around downtown. Here are a few of the art exhibits happening at the June 7th Art Walk:

John Sollom Art Exhibition

@ Josephine Joan Gallery

515 W Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton

Josephine Joan Gallery will present an exhibition of the works of John Sollom, who was named Best Artist in Orange County by OC Weekly back in 2012. Sollom’s work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and vegetarian ethics. New combinations are generated from both mundane and transcendant structures. “Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the universe,” Sollom says. “What starts out as contemplation soon becomes corrupted into a manifesto of defeat, leaving only a sense of chaos and the unlikelihood of a new reality. As temporal forms become frozen through diligent and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a clue to the inaccuracies of our future.”

Moving Forward: Art by Nancy J Johnson

@ VinoNostra Retail & Wine Bar

123 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton

Come enjoy a glass of wine or beer and or just pop in and say hi! Artist statement: “Each of my pieces I start by amusing myself, letting my mind play with words and imagery. Many times life obstacles and experiences play their role in my creative process. A good portion of my work evolves when I let go of what is expected and show the viewer something from a different perspective instead of something obvious and typical. I intentionally paint regular everyday things in unexpected ways to tell a story.My soft surreal approach to life’s obstacles and experiences is where I am inspired. Not only my own narratives but the ones I witness in my daily life. They scream at me to get them out in an unconventional whimsical way.  There is always something that we can see as a problem or as a learning opportunity. Moving forward leads us to personal freedom from the standards others have put on us and the standards we’ve put on ourselves. My only hope is that my work brings a wonderment and connection to your thought process and a smile to your heart.”

Reading is Cool: an Art Show

@ The Coffee Cup

220 Malden Ave, Fullerton

Check out Hibbleton Gallery’s latest pop-up art show entitled “Reading is Cool: an Art Show” featuring the work of Melinda Hagman, Tommy Kovac, and Jesse La Tour. Melinda Hagman is perhaps most known for her “Author Series,” which includes ethereal paintings of famous writers. She is an avid bibliophile and collector of vintage books, which serves as artistic inspiration along with her deep love of music. Tommy Kovac is a writer, artist, creator of various independent things, and library technician. His first comic book was released in 1999, and his work has been published by SLG Publishing, Disney Press, and OC Weekly. Kovac has created and distributed independent works such as zines and mini-comics, and does a periodic web-comic called “Smells Like Library.” Jesse La Tour is the co-founder of Hibbleton Gallery. He also teaches English part time at Fullerton College, and writes for the Fullerton Observer Newspaper. An avid reader and writer, La Tour will be showcasing drawings from his coloring book “Literary Figures” which includes drawings of famous authors.

See you at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!

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