All the Arts for All the Kids Art Auction

The public is welcome to a special evening event on the 16th of November. All those wonderful hearts seen around town will be gathered and set up with hundreds of other fine pieces of art at the Fullerton Museum Plaza. This is the annual All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation’s Fundraiser.

Artists from across the nation donate art to be auctioned off to fund Fullerton’s amazing arts in public schools program. $25 funds a child for a year of art, music, dance and theater classes. Every Kindergarten through 6th grade in Fullerton School District is a participant in this unique program.

Tickets are $75, and participants are treated to an evening of food, drinks and the chance to bid on hundreds of pieces of art. If this event hasn’t become an annual must-do already, treat yourself to a special evening with Fullerton’s funnest and most magical people.

To buy tickets or donate contact: or call 714.447.7489

2019 hearts sponsors are:

Salon Lujon

Fast Signs

Lux Salon

Vino Nostro

Salon Technique

8eightyeight Cigar Lounge

Unity Salon

Fullerton Museum Center

2019 Heart Makers are:

Carol Towler

Sue Wilson

Catherine Downey

Judy Parker

Kim Angers

Amy Field

Cindy Krueger

Ann Hanks

Jim Towler

Katherine England

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