Fullerton Will Celebrate Day of Music 2020 Virtually

“Play it Safe” for Small Businesses and Local Musicians to Come Together to Host At-Home Concert Experiences

For 6 years, Day of Music Fullerton (DoMF) has offered music concerts across more than 40 venues in Fullerton and Orange County on June 21, during the Summer Solstice. DoMF takes place simultaneously with similar festivities, currently in more than 1,000 cities globally in celebration of Fête de la Musique. DoMF is a unique music festival, it is open for anyone who wants to take part.

Musicians of all ages and music genres perform in parks, parking lots, streets, restaurants, bars, retail shops, houses of worship, and more. From high school bands to marquee names, DoMF is performed by anyone, enjoyed by everyone.

Day of Music Fullerton is a music festival that anyone can musically participate in, and will still occur on June 21. In response to COVID-19 live performances will be broadcast virtually in a variety of ways.

DoMF prioritizes the health and well-being of the public during this challenging time. The organization believes that people can experience this year’s festival in the comfort of their own homes while still practicing social distancing. Although locals may not be able to come together in public spaces—as has been done historically—supporters of the festival may still tune in, connect with the community online, and enjoy a wide array of live performances. Day of Music also values community and the music festival is held not solely to encourage others to make music. Day of Music Fullerton encourages people to visit and support these local businesses that have helped by welcoming musicians to perform at their venue in the past as well as this year, virtually.

“With Day of Music going on its sixth year, 2020 is particularly important because of what everyone is going through and music is a source of good feelings for everyone,” Scott Hagman, President of Day of Music Fullerton, said. “In the last few years, schools, cafés, restaurants, bars, and bands have reached out to us and have enjoyed hosting and performing  for the community. Now we have to reach into the community where people are in their homes in order to bring the magic of Day of Music to them. The show must go on.”

With the music festival traditionally occurring on the same date as Summer Solstice, the Board has chosen not to postpone the event. “Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak and the Stay-at-Home order have dealt a deafening blow to music festivals of all kinds, including DoMF and our Make Music Alliance affiliates,” Hagman said. “Small businesses and organizations in Fullerton will leverage their social media channels to provide a platform for musicians to perform throughout the day. With social distancing being top of mind, the theme of this year’s festival is “Play it Safe.”

Day of Music Fullerton will be presented to the community and the world at large in a variety of ways:

Fox Fullerton Live Streaming Center: The historic Fox Theatre will be the site during the day for several (social distancing) live-to-camera-only performances that will be streamed on Day of Music Fullerton’s Facebook page.

Fullerton Business Venues: In the past, Fullerton businesses have been the backbone of venues for Day of Music performances. This year they are as important as ever and Day of Music hopes to provide much needed takeout and delivery business for them by providing several options to participate.  They can have bands livestream performances to the establishment’s Facebook page, bands can send videos of their performances to have the venue “Premiere” the video at a certain time, and in some instances, a solo act can livestream from the venue on the venue’s Facebook page.

Mass Appeal Events: DoMF is also about participation. “Performed by anyone, enjoyed by everyone.” We’re working with venues, sponsors and suppliers to make instruments available for pickup and connecting with musicians to offer online instruction via video conferencing, Social Media outlets, etc.

Bash the Trash: Folks will be encouraged to make music with what they were going to throw out. Find that next new sound in your trashcan and share with others what magic you created.

Porch Fest: People who play instruments, sing, etc. can perform from the front of their homes so neighbors can enjoy while social distancing.

Day of Music Fullerton is also looking to hear from everyone participating. How will you be spending your Make Music Day?

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