Plummer Clock Tower Lights Up for Graduates

While many schools are turning on stadium lights or putting up signs to honor their class of 2020 graduates, I realized that FUHS and I have the resources to do something special. I had the idea to light up the Plummer Auditorium clock tower in school colors of red and white.

The goal was to create a visible and celebratory landmark on campus in honor of our graduates. With approval from Principal Laura Rubio and assistance from administration, the idea was given the green light by the district and we began planning.

I brought a selection of lighting instruments from Fullerton Free Church to do the color wash on the tower. Assistant Principal Tina Wilde assisted in the purchasing of projection images (called gobos) to add flair and make it extra special for the senior class.

FJUHSD Performing Arts leads Evan Shirk and Tony Gonzalez worked to plan and implement the lighting design. They put systems in place to power the equipment and ensured proper placement for the maximum visual appeal.

Evan, Tony, and I (with Principal Rubio present) focused lighting on May 2, and the tower officially became lit the next day at 8:10pm on Friday, May 22.

While the idea, a large portion of the planning, and the majority of design and projection choices were mine, the project would not have happened without the hard work of FUHS administration, the wisdom, experience, and tenacity of Evan and Tony, or the guidance, approval, and support of Technology director David Goo at Fullerton Free Church.

Sam Bradbury is a graduating senior at Fullerton Union High School.

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  1. I love seeing all the ways (i.e., big screen in front of Plummer Auditorium for a couple of days with each grad’s name and senior picture; names painted on butcher paper banners and hung on the wall facing Berkeley Ave.; banners hanging on campus fences and walls expressing pride in and good wishes for FHS Class of 2020; the light display on Plummer Clock Tower; official signs in the yards of Fullerton 2020 grads; etc.) Fullerton High School is working to make this a special time for their graduating Seniors. It doesn’t take the place of a commencement ceremony, but it sure sends a powerful message of love and pride and that this is an important milestone in their young lives!!!

  2. Graduations at FUHS were always special! I’m so happy you found a way to continue the inspiration of the “Flagship” of Fullerton. KDPlacilla 2012 retiree.