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Man Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting

A man was shot and killed by officers of the Fullerton Police Department after allegedly stabbing a police K9 following a domestic violence incident on Wednesday, May 27 at 10pm. This was the second officer-involved shooting death in the month of May. On May 3, another man was shot and killed by Fullerton police in another incident that remains under investigation.

Officers were called to the 3600 block of West Avenue because of a family disturbance report. A 911 caller said that a domestic violence incident occurred inside the residence. During the incident two teenage children tried to intervene but the male suspect pulled a knife on them. While officers were still responding, information was received that the male suspect also had a handgun and had fired several rounds. As officers arrived on scene, multiple family members ran from the house. Seconds later the suspect exited the house holding a knife. Numerous commands to drop the knife were given by police but the suspect refused to do so. The suspect, still armed with the knife, attempted to re-enter the house where other family members were believed to be still inside. A K9 was deployed. The suspect stabbed the K9 and the suspect was shot.

Officers began life-saving measures while paramedics responded. The suspect was transported to a local trauma center where he was later pronounced dead. The canine was transported to a veterinary hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. The canine is expected to make a full recovery.

A knife was recovered at the scene.

The Fullerton Police Department released this image of the knife allegedly recovered at the scene of the slain suspect, along with what appears to be a sticker stating that the department is “now hiring.”

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is handling the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, as is standard protocol. The deceased suspect’s identity will be released by the Orange County Coroner.

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  1. Necessary to know. Thank you for publishing straight news, no opinions. I am praying that the good people of Fullerton look into this matter in greater detail. My opinion is that it is a moral and ethical transgression to value the life of a canine over that of a fellow human being. What, unsaid, but left for us to conjecture, was the mental health status of the young male? Did he have access to health services? Was he under medical supervision? Did he have a license and registration for a gun? How did he have access to a gun? Was there really a gun? There was a “report of a weapon” but it was not confirmed. Right? He was reportedly observed only wielding a knife and stabbing a dog. Why no reported attempts to diffuse the situation? This has a whiff of excessive force. This incident bears serious examination.

    • Mary, get a grip and save your Monday morning quarterbacking for football!

      Really! When an incident of the type described occurs and the responding officers have just minutes to analyze and act in a chaotic environment where there are weapons displayed there is really very little choice for the responding officers actions.

      Of course all of the questions you raised will addressed, but your conclusion of “a whiff of excessive force” and the solemn statement “This incident bears serious examination” is just plain dumb. What is with you???

      Seriously now, what do you think really happens after any officer involved shooting? People more thoughtful and intelligent than you will review all relevant issues – rest easy.