Fullerton Schools to Start Year with Distance Learning

Jan Youngman and Vivien Moreno contributed to this article.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that schools in Orange County cannot physically reopen for in-person instruction until the County is no longer on the State Monitoring List [list of California counties with elevated COVID-19 cases] for 14 consecutive days. Since Orange County is currently on the State Monitoring List, the 2020-2021 school year will begin in a 100% Online Distance Learning Model.

Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD)

The Fullerton Joint Union High School District recently conducted stakeholder meetings that covered instruction and curriculum, safety and health, mental health, and communication to create protocols to ensure that every student receives the best possible education this year and all persons stepping onto campus sites will be as safe as possible during this uncertain time.

The District will be prepared to shift to different learning models throughout the school year for all students, based on State, County and local health department guidance, orders and/or local conditions at the time. These are the stages presented by Superintendent Scott Scambray:

Stage 1: 100% Distance Learning Model (All students at home)

● Attendance accountability in each class

● Daily State standards-based instruction

● Rigorous and engaging assignments

● Regular communication with students and parents

Stage 2 – Hybrid Cohort Model

● Option to receive either in-person class instruction 2 days per week and 3 days at home, or 5 days at home.

● Used when Orange County is no longer on the California State Monitoring List for 14 consecutive   days or longer and certain specific mandated reopening guidelines are met as per State requirements.

Stage 3 – 100% In-person Model

● Used when the state and local conditions support  instruction without the need for social distancing.

● Full time in-person return to each class.

On June 29, Dr. Karl Zener, Executive Assistant of Administrative Services received board approval to spend $600,000 of federal CARES money provided to offset school reopening costs to purchase livestream cameras and microphones to augment distance learning this school year. Dr. Zener announced Google Meet as the district’s main livestreaming platform. Google Meet gives teachers flexibility to form break-out groups for their students and includes American Sign Language and closed captioning options. California guidelines only indicate that teachers must make personal contact with their students daily, not how they must contact them. However, each local district has the right to create guidelines for teachers to take attendance.

Parents of students with IEP’s (Individual Education Programs) who wish to discuss modifications before school begins should contact their case workers, their student’s principal, or their office as soon as possible. Dr. Zener focused mainly on moderate to severe identified students as well as the adult transition population for accommodations for in-person instruction.

At the July 7 meeting, all fall athletics were cancelled until January due to the rapid escalation of COVID-19 positive cases.

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Fullerton School District (FSD)

In accordance with orders from the California Department of Public Health and the Governor’s recent mandates, the Fullerton School District will begin the school year on August 11 with a Distance Learning Model.

During the month of August, the FSD will send out a survey allowing parents to choose a learning option for their students, and to provide feedback on what is important as the District considers returning to in-person, on-campus learning in the future.

Any parent who wishes to choose the MyFSD Academy (the TK-6th grade homeschool program) will need to enroll for that option by August 7 by clicking HERE to visit the MyFSD Academy website.

When Orange County is removed from the COVID-19 California Watch List for 14 consecutive days and resultant clearance from the Orange County Healthcare Agency is received, FSD schools will transition to offer different learning models for students.

After transitioning from Distance Learning to on-site instruction, the Fullerton School District will offer three different learning models based on state guidelines.

Parents will be asked to choose one option that best meets the needs of their child and family.

Option 1: Five-day at-School Learning Model: Students will be provided in-class core instruction 2 full days per week and select Wednesdays. On the other approximate 2 and a half days, students will receive Extended Learning opportunities with on-site educational activities.

Option 2: Hybrid Learning Model: Students will be provided in-class core instruction 2 full days per week and select Wednesdays.

Option 3: Independent Study, or, 100% Virtual Instruction: Students will be assigned to an FSD teacher who will provide distance learning.

Option 4: MyFSD Academy/Homeschool will start at the beginning of the school year on August 11. Parents will need to enroll their students into the MyFSD Homeschool by August 7. Visit the MyFSD Academy website for enrollment forms by going to, clicking Parents, then clicking MyFSD Academy.

For any questions regarding Distance Learning, please contact Educational Services at 714-447-7709 or at