The Downtown Report: Mid November Edition


Bears in Downtown Fullerton? Yes. A recent excavation for new elevators at Fullerton Union High School unearthed the bear skull. Wow, the protocols used to clear visitors for entry to the school were very involved and for good reason. Fortunately, we passed, and were allowed in to take some photos. Since we know saber-toothed tigers once roamed the area, all we need now is a lion skull and we will rival the road to OZ.

It would be nice to tell you the skull was prehistoric or at least hundreds of years old but the study has not yet been done. Research revealed that California black bears arrived here in 1933, having been trucked in, in hopes they would benefit the ecosystem of our local mountains. Before we humans arrived in these parts, grizzly bears ruled. Perhaps that was the reason black bears kept their distance. The last ‘griz’ was killed in 1916 and that one was in Tujunga Canyon.

So, where did this bear come from? I suppose once experts determine what kind of bear it was, we will have a lot better idea of its age, for one thing. A bit of detective work confirmed that even though the bears here now are indeed descendants of the 27 trucked in back in 1933, the ‘short-faced’ bear called the Los Angeles area its home becoming extinct 12,000 years ago. Does this skull look like it could have been the foundation for a ‘short face’?

COVID affects everything so there is no way of knowing when we will have answers, but at least you are among the first to hear about our mysterious downtown bear. Oh and by the way, a large black bear was seen taking a walk in a Monrovia neighborhood this past February, so be careful when entering any elevators there.

Veterans Day Parade

The parade may have been cancelled, but not the sentiment. In honor of those who have served all of us here and abroad in times of war and times of peace, and those who will serve in the future, we have included a few photos from our parade one year ago (2019).

New in Town

As you can see, coming soon, Miirch Social at 138 West Commonwealth.  This will be “globally inspired Indian food with the freshest ingredients, like you haven’t seen before.” The menu will include recipes with natural ingredients to replicate traditional recipes and will also include global flavors from other cultures. It really is amazing how our choices for dining have expanded over the years, and this one looks quite unique, certainly a welcome addition to our downtown.

Habitat for Humanity

This past Thursday and Friday [November 12 and 13], the Leaders Build Challenge took place as dozens of business leaders in hard hats got together and picked up hammers, drills, and saws to build new homes for families in need. The build sites are 455 and 467 West Avenue.  Their challenge involves a competition to raise money for the organization. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County is a nonprofit organization that strives to eliminate substandard housing through advocacy, education, and partnership with families and individuals in need to build decent, sustainable, and affordable housing. Luckily, it was a great day for building, mild temperatures and no wind, so the rookies along with the seasoned carpenters made it through the day with minimum casualties. “Get the board stretcher and a few more band-aids!”

Gladys Hernandez, third from left with her crew.

Getting ready to swing their hammers for humanity.

Photo Quiz

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