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A New Community Garden

Our state produces nearly half of all the fresh fruit and vegetables in this nation and yet according to California Association of Food Banks, 1 in 8 Californians currently struggle with food insecurity. With all our modernization, we still have food deserts. The cost of living is constantly rising and then there is an added pressure of the global pandemic that is wreaking havoc on our economy. We all have to eat, and planting a garden is one way to provide food to a community.

The volunteer crew planning out the garden space.

Practicing social distancing, volunteers Jessica and Tara Freeman, Megan Gibbs, Robert Wojtkiewicz, Marco Antonio, and Angela Scott gathered to start a garden at Pathways of Hope HUB near Fullerton’s Richman Park on Dec 5. Led by Todd Bynon, the group added new soil, plants and seeds to the already prepared garden boxes. To participate or donate contact Pathways of Hope at www.pohoc.org.

Jessica Freeman planting one of the raised bed boxes.

Angela and Megan stain sign at the new garden.

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  1. Beautiful! So proud of our community. However, just additional information, this is a “re-start” of the garden. That garden space was made back in 2016-ish by my friends Jeremy Samson and JD Cerenice of Cultivate Together (501c.3) with help from Councilmember Jesus Silva and of course Pathways. I took care of it for a little while, but got busy with work and life. It eventually became overrun with grass and weeds, and it looks so cool to see it cleaned up again. It takes community to keep it going!