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New Commission, Committee, and Boardmembers Chosen

One duty of newly-elected (or re-elected) Fullerton City Councilmembers is to select representatives to serve on various City committees, commissions, and boards. At their January 19 meeting, Council selected the following people to serve on the following bodies:

Fullerton City Hall.

Planning Commission

Makes recommendations to the City Council on growth and development in the City. The Commission studies, prepares, and recommends a master or general plan for the physical development of Fullerton.

• Douglas Cox (Whitaker appointee)

• Chris Thompson (Dunlap appointee)

• Jose Trinidad Castaneda (Jung appointee)

Library Board of Trustees

Has oversight of the Fullerton Public Library and helps set Library policy and programs.

There was some discussion among councilmembers as well as public comment about the legality of removing an existing Library Board member who had not finished their term. Nevertheless, the following people were appointed:

• Ellen Ballard (Dunlap appointee)

• Seuling Chen (Jung appointee)

• Irene Strauss (Silva appointee)

Parks and Recreation Commission

Studies and makes policy recommendations related to parks and recreation concerns, projects, and programs.

• Erik Wehn (Whitaker appointee)

• Damion Lloyd (Dunlap appointee)

• Kathy Lira (Jung appointee)

Active Transportation Committee (Formerly Bicycle Users Sub-Committee)

Provides input, recommendations, and technical assistance on matters related to multi-modal, non-motorized transportation, including bicycling and walking.

• Jeffrey Chase (Whitaker appointee)

• Mackenzie Chang (Dunlap appointee)

• Jane Rands (Jung appointee)

Community Development Citizens Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on issues relating to housing needs, community development program priorities, and proposed expenditures.

• Michael Pascual (Whitaker appointee)

• Sarah Bernal (Dunlap appointee)

• Dr. Vicki Calhoun (Jung appointee)

Infrastructure and Natural Resources Committee

Advises the City Council on infrastructure, provides input on policies, plans, and broad programs as they relate to energy, natural resources, compliance with environmental laws, and the protection of the environment.

• Greg Sebourn (Whitaker appointee)

• Munish Bharadwaja (Dunlap appointee)

• Charles Chong (Jung appointee)

Transportation and Circulation Commission

Advises the City Council in the review and development of systems, facilities, plans, policies, and programs that relate to public transportation and circulation within the City.

• Whitaker continued his choice to the next meeting

• Mark Klingsberg (Dunlap appointee)

• Anne Sim (Jung appointee)

Regional Advisory Bodies

In addition to the above-mentioned City Committees and commissions, councilmembers also vote among themselves to select representatives on various regional boards. These votes were not all unanimous, and there was particular contention about the choice for Orange County Water District. Ultimately, Mayor Whitaker was selected to replace Councilmember Zahra whose term had expired.

Here are the councilmembers selected to serve on the following boards, along with a bit about what each board does.

Orange County Sanitation District Board

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is a public agency that provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services for approximately 2.6 million people in Orange County. OCSD is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 25 board members appointed from 20 cities, two sanitary districts, two water districts and one representative from the Orange County Board of Supervisors. OCSD has two operating facilities that treat wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial sources. It is the third largest wastewater treatment facility west of the Mississippi River.

• Nick Dunlap (Alternate)

Orange County Water District Board

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) manages the large groundwater basin underlying north and central Orange County that provides approximately 75 percent of the water for 2.5 million citizens. A 10-member board of directors governs the District.

• Bruce Whitaker

Orange County Vector Control Board

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District is specifically dedicated to protecting public health by controlling rats, flies, mosquitoes, Red Imported Fire Ants and other vector-related problems.

• Nick Dunlap

Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency

The agency provides its members with information on the progress of the Santa Ana River and related projects and supports regional flood control improvements to remove current floodplains within its members boundaries.

• Bruce Whitaker (alternate)

Independent Cities Risk Management Authority

ICRMA’s members pool resources to support liability, workers’ compensation, property, and auto physical damage self-insurance programs.

• Antonia Graham (Deputy City Manager)

• Fred Jung (alternate)

Fullerton Investment Advisory Committee

Duties of the committee include reviewing and making recommendations on the City’s investment strategy and policy.

• Bruce Whitaker (Primary)

• Nick Dunlap (alternate)

Fullerton Sports Field Users’ Committee

A group which meets to discuss and help establish local sports field uses.

• Nick Dunlap

Fullerton Sister City Association

A cultural exchange program between the city of Fullerton and other cities in Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.

• Fred Jung

North Orange County Cities Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors

A cooperative group between north Orange County cities to combine services and programs.

• Jesus Silva

• Fred Jung

Fullerton Museum Association Board of Trustees

The mission of the Fullerton Museum Center Association is to develop and coordinate multi-disciplinary exhibits and education programs in the humanities, history, cultural and fine arts, and sciences—mainly focused around the Fullerton Museum Center downtown.

• Ahmad Zahra