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Two Victims of Mass Shooting Laid to Rest

A funeral for two of the victims of the recent mass shooting in Orange was held on Saturday, April 17 at St. Philip Benizi Church in Fullerton.

A funeral for two victims of a recent mass shooting was held at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Fullerton.

Luis Tovar (50) and his daughter Jenevieve Raygoza (28) were both parishioners at St. Philip’s Catholic Church.

Shooting victim Luis Tovar.

Raygoza leaves behind her husband Armando and two young sons ages four and eight. Jenevieve and Armando were married at St. Philip’s and their family was very involved in the Church.

The funeral was well-attended by family, friends, and fellow church members.

Shooting victim Jenevieve Raygoza with her two sons.

According to Marivel Alvarado, “The last time I saw her, we were doing the stations of the cross before Easter. Because we couldn’t do the usual program, we scheduled appointments with the family, and they would dress up and re-enact the stations of the cross in a photograph.”

For their family’s scene, Jenevieve played Veronica, a woman who, according to Catholic tradition, wiped Jesus’ brow on his way to crucifixion.

“That’s the last image I have of her,” Alvarado said.

Her father Luis Tovar leaves behind five children and six grandchildren.

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