The Downtown Report: Early June Edition

Day of Music

Fete de la Musique is celebrated on the Summer Solstice and our annual Day of Music began back in 2014. Many got a call from Glenn Georgieff who wanted to know if we were interested in getting involved. Back then, I really had my hands full with other events and lots of other projects, so I was hesitant. We all knew it would end up being a lot of work, many meetings, and likely a very long day once the event was being staged. It was well worth the effort. Talented individuals from various walks of life volunteered, music pros and others, and through their efforts, many venues participated allowing for a huge number of musicians to play, resulting in an immediate success.

Celebrating the Day of Music in 2016.

This year, on reflection and thinking about today, Glenn told us, “In looking back, it warms my heart to have seen so many come together, congregate with strangers and loved ones, to play music…Our community is strongest when it leans into its strength, and music is truly one of our great strengths.”

In 2019 Fullerton’s Day of Music was voted Best local music festival by OC Weekly readers. A day-long radio show emanated from Mo’s Fullerton Music where a number of local luminaries stopped by for interviews and to play live. The first song played was a tribute to Leo Fender, a song called “Bryant’s Bounce” recorded in 1952 by Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West, who played one of Leo’s early pedal steel guitars on the tune. Phyllis Fender would stop by later and regale the audience with some classic Leo stories.

A COVID-mandated virtual day was well-received last year, but recently, many have asked if there would be a revival of the in-person Day of Music. As we all know, we’re not out of the woods yet, so it’s just not in the cards, but…

Some are planning their own DIY Day of Music and why not? Get some friends together and sit out on your porch, front yard, back yard, wherever you can and if you are a musician or have friends who are. Why not announce it and do something live on Facebook or Instagram? Get kids involved, get Grandparents involved, get your organization mobilized, too. If you can’t host live music, crank up the sounds anyway and invite some neighbors over. Hey, if they don’t show up, chances are they won’t complain about the loud music because they were invited. Hopefully.

More Music

Things are beginning to pick up in the world of live music once again and soon you will be able to take in a variety of different types of music in Downtown Fullerton. For one, The Night Owl is making some changes by adding wine and beer to their menu, plus they will soon have live music inside. Hopefully before too long, the outdoor patio will once again feature live music. Joe’s in SoCo recently had Lido Club on a late Sunday afternoon and evening with classic rock, Motown, reggae, and more. The Back Alley recently had the band Darden in house playing hits, covers, and other music they are well known for. Bubba has been playing at the Olde Ship on Harbor lately. Stubrik’s has nothing scheduled but maybe that will change, along with other venues/restaurants like Roscoes, who had live music before the pandemic hit. Live music is part of the fabric of Fullerton and especially our downtown so it’s good to see it returning.


Another raging road update, all but the striping is done here as well, so one of the most traveled avenues in Orange County has a good stretch of new asphalt. Keep going—bit by bit it’s getting done.

Goal Accomplished

Fullerton is home to 36 schools and yes, it’s that time of the year. Actual in-person graduations are back and to all of you who have met your goals, congratulations are in order. It must have been tougher than ever, but you made it.

Photo Quiz

Another promise fulfilled, and updated photo, but where is this located (below)? No, it’s not SpaceX. Send your answer to Mike at