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Council allocates remaining federal relief funds

Fullerton City Council approved a spending plan for the remaining $16.5 million of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) at their February 15 meeting. Funding was approved for the following projects:

ARPA Administration ($1,370,000): Expenditures related to ARPA Administration. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Fire Station Alerting System ($300,000): Replace current system to a more reliable & enhanced communications system to ensure that radio transmissions are entering the station in a timely manner for safety of community. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Fullerton Community Center Portable Generator ($454,706): To be used for FCC for City’s main disaster shelter, and for other FCC events in case of an emergency. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Utility Subsidy Program ($100,000): To assist single-family residents financially impacted by COVID-19. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Re-instatement of Nonregular Staffing for Passport Services ($30,000): To restore passport services offered by the City and also supports the full operation of the Library. It will generate more than the cost to provide the service. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Amerige Stadium Netting ($150,000): The existing poles and netting need to be higher to avoid baseballs from landing in the FCC courtyard, patios, walkway and parking lot. Limits city liability. Passed 3-2 (Dunlap and Whitaker “no”).

Water Main Replacements ($2,000,000): along Orangethorpe to coincide with road repair to include $1 million from the County. Passed 3-2 (Whitaker and Dunlap “no”).

Street Rehabilitation ($13.1 M): In conjunction with planned water pipeline replacements to support stable infrastructure. Passed 4-1 (Silva “no”).

Council continued the following items for later consideration:

Quint Fire Truck ($850,000): Replacing an aging and out of compliance fire apparatus to a Quint Truck with water pumping capabilities. Needed for industrial area. Goodman project contributed toward this purchase. Jung suggested moving to continue until after Council made decision to join Orange County Fire Authority. 

Children’s Services Librarian ($100,000): Re-instate and rehire  to support restored Library operations. Plus Library Re-instatement of All Nonregular Staffing Unbudgeted in FY 20-21 due to Pandemic ($50,000).

Perimeter Security Fencing at Independence Park Swim Complex ($450,000): Replace the 6 ft tall fence to an 8 ft tall spear head fence around swim complex.

The following items were not approved by Council:

Fullerton Series Lighting Replacement ($1,200,000): Current design of the system is such that all lights within the series lighting system are powered by the single transformer which are subject to failure (around Orangethorpe/Highland area). Zahra said, “That neighborhood goes really dark. This is a public safety issue.” Failed 3-2 (Whitaker, Dunlap, Jung “no”).

Swim Scholarship Funding for Disadvantaged Youth ($50,000): To provide swim safe lessons for at-risk youth. Probably with FAST. Failed 2-3 (Whitaker, Dunlap, Jung “no”).

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Councilmember Ahmad Zahra voted against the Street Rehabilitation funding. It was in fact Councilmember Jesus Silva who voted against the item. We regret the error.