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Break-In and Burglary at Zombee Donuts

A break-in occurred at Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop on Chapman Avenue on June 27, between the hours of 4-5:30am. No employees or customers were injured. The cash register and safe were stolen, and damage was done to the entrance door.

The donut store has been in business for more than seven years and is well-known in Orange County for its creative donut and drink creations. It is a small business owned by a mother-daughter duo who love “The Walking Dead” and drew inspiration from the show to create spooky donut designs.

The backdoors, which are accessible through the parking lot, were used for the burglary. The glass door was shattered to get in. No other damage was done to the store. The Fullerton Police Department was notified by the owners around the store opening time after the break-in was discovered by an employee. FPD is currently investigating. If you have any leads, you can contact them at:  (714) 738-6800.

The owners, albeit in shock, expressed gratitude for the safety of their employees and the support of the community since the news broke. Here is the statement put out by the social media accounts of the store:

Hello Zombee family,

Many of you have seen our earlier post about a break-in at the store this morning. It happened between 4-5:30am when no one was present at the store. Our glass door was broken and theft occurred.

We are very grateful that none of the employees were hurt. This event was shocking to us, but the store remained open for the regular hours as a result of the bakers’ hard work in making the donuts. We did not want this to go to waste.

We would like to thank everyone for the calls and messages of support. Our community of loyal customers has always kept us going, and with your support, we will get through this time as well. We have gotten some inquiries about people wanting to donate, and we are very appreciative of this offer. But we simply ask that you visit our store and enjoy donuts and drinks as per usual. Please support us through the summer, and if you would like to offer some extra help, please purchase our gift cards and gift them to your loved ones.

We also apologize for disappointing any customers this morning between 6-6:30 AM, as we were waiting for the police to show up at the scene. Lastly, if you witnessed anything this morning or have any camera footage from your house/car cameras that could have filmed this happening or people fleeing, please contact the Fullerton Police Department.

Again, thank you for your support. – Zombee

Note: The author of this article is an employee at Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop.