Community Voices

Fullerton School District Speech & Debate Students receive recognition and trophies.

List of Speech & Debate winners 2022

from Fullerton School District.

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s office will also be sending certificates for each student.

Alexis Hernandez

Ella Kim

Sera Yu

Sophia Gentile

Reva Sobti

Maria Lorraine Mercurio

Molly Cooper

Costa Gomez Bueno

Lilyanna Hoffman

Zoe Karaya

Audrey Ninofranco

Annette Lee

Claire Yoo

Janis Kim

Kaitlyn Choi

Shriya Gandhi

Aimee Rivera

Audrey Lee

Cameron Kim

Hailey Yoo

Jane Kwak

Lily Kim

Mahathi Prabhu

Yaretzy Martinez

Yena Oh

Aashna Dialani

Emily Bleker

Hannah Oh

Natalie Hong




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