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Save Sunrise Village Update

The Save Sunrise Village team, a group of neighbors in support of revitalizing the shopping center on Euclid and Rosecrans, met prior to the November 9th Planning Commission meeting to discuss the ‘revised’ plans submitted by the developer (Shopoff Realty Investments). Members noticed that there appeared to be some inconsistencies between what they read and the potential of what the developer can do, once approved.

“Our first priority has always been to revitalize and save Sunrise Village as a commercial center and bring back to our community the much needed services and businesses we have lost due to poor management,” said Save Sunrise Village member Carol. “Language is a powerful tool and what you hear doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you’ll end up with. The word “Tentative” track map is a perfect example. In what sense is the word “Tentative” legally binding?” she asked. Other issues were also raised.

In addition, the group requested Arnel Dino recuse himself as they felt there was a blatant conflict of interest as they learned James O’Malley, the Pines spokesperson from Shopoff Realty Investments, attended Dino’s inaugural kick-off campaign when running for City Council (a photo was shown last night). After consulting with the City Attorney during a break, Dino was told he had to recuse himself on the basis of his conflict of interest on the Sunrise Village project. However, because chairperson Doug Cox unexpectedly left the meeting at the beginning, that left only 2 Commissioners – Gambino and Carvahlo. Therefore there was no quorum and nothing was resolved other than a continuance until Wed, Dec 7th.

The neighbor group is hoping residents in support of keeping the shopping center will attend. “We feel strongly that together we can make a difference,” Carol said.

City of Fullerton Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 6:30
City Hall is located at 303 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton
Contact Council at (714) 738-6311 or

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  1. There is a petition to voice support for saving the shopping center you can sign by putting “Save Sunrise Village Shopping Center petition” into your browser. There are over 1,500 signatures so far.