Two murals on Lemon St are ready to be repaired

Re-Elected Councilmen Ahmad Zahra has secured funding for two murals on Lemon St in Fullerton. When I spoke with Zahra on the phone, he stated that $11,000 was raised independently for the “Low Rider” and “The Town I Live In” murals.

The artist that will be working on the two murals is a local artist. There are 11 murals on Lemon Street. According to  Zahra some are to be recreated and some that need to be restored.

Zahra said that it has been a long journey for him to be able to start this project. Throughout all the hiccups which include a lot of paperwork having to go through the city due to the murals being on City owned property. For future projects for the Lemon Street mural, Zahra stated that he wants to locate the original residents that worked on the mural 40 years ago to get them to be a part of the restoration and recreation process. So far, he has managed to find 2 or 3 individuals that worked on the original mural.

Another component to the project is finding the archives of the mural in its original state.“Before Photographs are important,” Zahra said.

The next murals on Lemon Street that Zahra wants to work on are “The Lady of Guadalupe” and the “Mujares Latinas” mural. He is working on getting the funding for those two murals. The project is expected to start in early 2023.

Mural Mural Mural Mural Lemon St Mural

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  1. I would love to see these murals restored and preserved. I wish the article had a link to how residents can donate to the restoration project and who to call if you are or knew one of the original artists. I wish the print edition would do an update on the progress. I wonder if Fullerton College and Cal State art students could be recruited to do the work?