Fullerton College Professors teach kindergarten students about money at the annual KinderCaminata Event

Fullerton College’s Business Management department, part of the Business Division, recently led an exciting activity during the annual KinderCaminata event on Friday, April 21, aimed at teaching kindergarten students about money. As part of the activity, students were given buzzy bucks to purchase pencils and bouncy balls, allowing them to learn about money management hands-on and discover their superpower of saving money.

KinderCaminata is an annual event hosted by Fullerton College to provide a college experience for young children and their families. With over 200 volunteers, including faculty, staff, students, and administrators, the event is a collaborative effort that aims to help children and their families realize that a college education and career preparation are within reach.

The event offers interactive workshops and demonstrations, with over 45 different college career stations to choose from. Fullerton College faculty and student clubs hosted these workshops and demonstrations, bringing learning to life through exciting activities such as face-painting, obstacle courses, and Native American music and dancing.

Overall, the Business Management department’s activity on money management was just one of many engaging experiences offered at KinderCaminata this year. Fullerton College Business Division hopes to inspire even more young students to pursue higher education and prepare for their careers through events like KinderCaminata.

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  1. Maybe they should be talking to their own Board and administrators about money.