Fullerton Observer Video Recap: Mid-June 2023

Join us for a temporary change on the Fullerton Observer Video Recap! Today, Giselle Monterrosas takes a well-deserved break from the English video recaps, and our very own Adrian Meza steps up to the plate with the assistance of the talented Troy Tech Program Interns (Britany Alcantar Cortez and Colin O’Malley). Get ready for a visually captivating experience as we delve into the most significant stories from the pages of the Fullerton Observer Newspaper.

In this episode, Adrian takes center stage and delves into some intriguing topics. First on the agenda is the controversy surrounding the production of “The Sound of Music” at Rolling Hill Elementary School. Discover the latest updates and insights surrounding this captivating story.

Next, we turn our attention to the recent discussions at the City Council regarding Associated Road. Safety improvements are on the table, and Adrian sheds light on the proposals and the community’s reactions.

And don’t miss out on an exclusive update on the OCPAC (Fullerton’s renowned Orange County Performing Arts Center). Adrian brings you the latest developments straight from the heart of the art scene.

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FOVR Credits:

Hosted by Adrian Meza
Written & Edited by Britany Alcantar Cortez and Colin O’Malley (Troy Tech Students)

Join us on this exciting video journey as we bring the stories to life and make the news more captivating than ever before!

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  1. Carl – What second-hand sources are you talking about? The reports on meetings are written by people attending the meetings. The Young Observers page writers are amazing. Other stories and features are the original work of local writers. There are some notices in the paper from police press releases – but would you prefer not to know about those things? The entire paper is written by local resident volunteers who are each interested in certain topics, not professional journalists.

  2. “We are actively seeking talented individuals to contribute to our team. ” Looking at the news stories of this paper, I am not impressed by the fact that most of the news articles are second hand sources. Press releases, notes/minutes from school board meetings, city council minutes and a few, soft articles written by psychologists drumming up business. The growing presence of “young observers” increasingly reminds me of junior high journalism. Its time for the Fullerton Observer to give up the ghost.

    • Thank you for taking the time to critique the website. I do post press releases often, as Google requires a minimum of two posts per day to stay at the top of the search. I do see your point and will do my best to find a remedy.