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Observer Photo Challenge: Get to know your parks

Send us a photo of yourself or a group with the current Observer at a local park. Include names, locations, the name of the photographer, and what is the best or worst thing about the park. For the August issue, send it in by July 24 to: See you in the paper!

Acacia Park

Britany Alcantar Cortez


Acacia Park has some amenities that are useful to many residents and visitors. It has well-designed walking paths, which are also great for biking and running. It also has a sports area that can be used to play soccer and other sports. When walking around the paths, you can also find exercise stations. The park has picnic tables, which are great for resting after exercising or hosting a party. Along with its many trees, it is next to Fullerton Creek; looking over the bridge, you can see the stream flowing by. The playground was recently removed to be redesigned, but hopefully, there will be a new one in a couple of months. Located at 1636 Fullerton Creek Dr, Fullerton.

Fullerton Sports Complex

Jason Hwang


Fullerton Sports Complex is located at 560 E. Silver Pine St., Fullerton, and is known as the largest park designed for sports use in the city, covering 17.6 acres. The park provides three baseball fields, two seasonal soccer fields, bleacher seating, parking, picnic tables, a playground, a snack bar, restrooms, and a remnant of the past – a box for a pay phone that is no longer there. Although the restrooms are less than ideal, the unique features of the playground make up for it. The playground has different types of merry-go-rounds and unique ways up the playground infrastructure. Another big plus is that it’s covered in the shade, sparing the parents from suffering in the sweltering heat. To commemorate the great work of Gary Carter for his efforts in creating the Fullerton Little League, a baseball field was dedicated to him. With numerous reviews commenting on the park’s greatness, you can be assured that this park is in a league of its own.

Chapman Park

Jamie Gaborro


This park has a rock climbing section with instructions and advice on how to climb the structure. I can say it’s climbable, but the structure itself has loose rocks to be careful of. The playground is a safe and small area with all the necessities for a kid. Park employees open and close the bathrooms at certain times (times unknown). Today, the women’s bathroom does not have working lights. Also, the park has a center that can be rented out for things such as daycare, summer programs, birthday parties, etc.

Pearl Park

Colin O’Malley

Pearl Park is a small park in the corner of the Gem Neighborhood, a low-income neighborhood on the eastern edge of Fullerton’s District 3. Lying on Cameo Lane and Pearl Drive, the newly built park features a beautiful playground, a picnic area, a bike rack, and some odd and slightly dangerous concrete mounds. Built on the site of a community pool that closed down in the 90s, Pearl Park, one of only two parks in District 3, serves as an excellent place for the community to come together and for children to have fun, especially in the summertime.