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57 Stray Dogs Brought to OC Animal Care During 4th of July Weekend

License your pets to provide them with the best chance of finding their way back home.

During the Independence Day celebration, the sudden noises and unfamiliar experiences can cause dogs to panic, resulting in them escaping from their homes or yards in search of safety. OC Animal Care has seen an increase in stray dogs arriving at the shelter throughout the weekend leading up to the holiday. Since Saturday, July 1, 57 dogs have been brought into the shelter, and more continue to arrive.

Those who have recently lost a pet can visit the following websites:

Additionally, pet owners are encouraged to explore other avenues in their search for a lost pet, such as thoroughly searching their neighborhood, including neighborhood Facebook Groups and Nextdoor, reaching out to local veterinarian offices, and posting photos with detailed descriptions of the pet in prominent locations.

One in three pets will go missing during their lifetime, and a pet license is a pet’s best ticket home! Pet licensing makes the connection between families and their furry friends easy and can be just the thing to bring pets home safe, sound, and quickly. Pets currently licensed with OC Animal Care will also qualify for OC Animal Care’s Take Me Home Program. This pet redemption program is offered to pet owners who have had their licensed pets impounded for the first time and requires pet owners to redeem their pet(s) within the first 24 hours. For more information on how to license your pet, visit ocpetinfo.com/license.

By working together, we can reunite lost pets with their family quickly and ensure a safer and more secure summer for all.



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About OC Animal Care

OC Animal Care is the largest municipal animal shelter in Orange County. It services 14 cities and the County’s unincorporated areas and takes in over 14,500 animals each year. OC Animal Care provides refuge and care for animals, fosters the human-animal bond, and promotes safety in our community. For more information about OC Animal Care, please visit ocpetinfo.com.

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  1. Can we get our Independence Day celebrations under control? For days, Fullerton sounds like a war zone. Those setting off bombs are terrorizing animals. They’re also making many veterans miserable. It’s so ubiquitous that I’m not sure what police can do. Perhaps it’s up to the people to show some respect and restraint. And for their neighbors to hold them accountable.

    • Agreed. Not to mention all the people who have been traumatized by war. Celebrating the triumph of war with a reenactment of war? Absurd! Celebrate with music and the happy sounds of family and friends at peaceful play.