Fullerton Observer Video Recap: June 2023

Missed the News in June? No worries we got you covered!

(Versión en español Fullerton Observer Resumen del video: Orgullo, hombre de 74 años robado, Día de los Caídos, FSD DLA – YouTube)

Join us for the Fullerton Observer Video Recap! Today, Adrian takes us to the highly anticipated Fullerton Pride Parade, where the community celebrates love and equality. He also shares the inspiring story of a 74-year-old man’s bravery, visits Memorial

Day at Loma Vista Memorial Park, and highlights the graduation of Fullerton’s Dual Language Academy, promoting bilingualism and cultural appreciation in education. Don’t miss out!

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FOVR Credits:

Hosted by Adrian Meza
Written & Edited by Britany Alcantar Cortez and Colin O’Malley (Troy Tech Students)

Join us on this exciting video journey as we bring the stories to life and make the news more captivating than ever before!

Fullerton Observer Video Recap: Pride Parade, 74-Year-Old Man Robbed, Memorial Day, FSD DLA – YouTube

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  1. I love this new feature. It is fun catch up on local news and to see hosts Adrian and Giselle and their crew’s progress as they create and polish the broadcasts. I do wish there was a dedicated button on the website that would viewers to all of the broadcasts and that they would be listed with newest first so I could watch any I missed. Just a suggestion that would make them more user-friendly.