Balance & Change: Enjoying the Journey and the Spice

I admit it. I am one of them. It is September, and I start looking for pumpkin spice lattes. It must be a regular part of my day by the time we get to October! I know, I know. People are scoffing right now. I get it. I really do. However, I like it, which is what this column is about.

There is a little privately owned coffee shop just down a small side street from my office in our historic downtown. I leave my office and take a short walk to the coffee place. While I walk, I look in the windows. I notice the trees. I listen to the birds. I smile at people I pass by. Once I get to the coffee place, I smell the coffee. I look at all the goodies that there are to buy. I chatted with the owner.

Once I get my coffee, I stroll back to my office, sipping the entire way and enjoying my treat’s flavor. You may wonder what the point was of my little interlude. The point is that I left my office and allowed myself to stop working and just be in the moment. This little 10-minute break recharges me. It gives me energy. It makes me happy! Because I do this, I am actually more productive!

What have you done today to take a time out? To be in the moment? To recharge? While you are thinking, I will finish my latte! Always enjoy the journey!