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Sunrise Village update: The final tenant moves

Fullerton Hills Pet Clinic is now relocated to 1144 Rosecrans Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833 (714) 879-4380.
  • Dr. Cho was forced by Shopoff developers to move his pet clinic after 43 years providing small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry services at his previous location in Sunrise Village,
  • The Sunrise Village property was sold to develop a combination of 49 two and three story single family homes and 64 three story condos in the former business center located at Euclid and Rosecrans in the northwest corner of Fullerton.
  • The tenants’ businesses were boarded up and forced to move out when the sale and conversion was approved by the city council after months of objections and revisions. This was despite a flood of signatures of local residents who objected to the project.
  • The Red Cross Blood Collection Center on Rosecrans moved to the Fullerton Metro Center at Harbor and Orangethorpe and the building was modified to match the decor of the new development.
  • Last week Dr. Cho, as the last tenant at Sunrise Village, moved his pet clinic into the rebuilt Blood Center building. Construction fencing was immediately installed around the entire property.

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  1. Hope the city doesn’t forget the vacant business lots near Orangethorpe Elementary School.