New Management of OC Power Authority is building Public Trust in Renewable Energy

“I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge facing our communities and the communities around the world. I am committed to acting locally to reduce the devastating impacts of a changing climate.” (Joe Mosca /San Diego County News interview 2021)

After a troubled year of scathing audits, the OCPA board terminated its former CEO and in June appointed Joe Mosca as Interim CEO. Under his leadership the agency has made all the changes detailed in the recent audits, said Mosca, who gave an update on OCPA operations during the September 19th Fullerton City Council meeting.

“There have been lots of reports over the agency’s past year of existence, and I want you to know we put in place a 24-point improvement plan that has been completed, correcting every one of the concerns on every audit,” Mosca said.

The improvements, sent to all the auditing agencies, have achieved County of Orange approval and are a third through the process of validation at the California State Auditor’s Office.

“Though I wouldn’t wish an audit on anyone, they have been extraordinarily helpful,” Mosca said.

The OCPA currently serves 200,000 residential and 40,000 commercial customers with 71% of them enrolled at the 100% renewable energy choice level. He said more that 709 Million tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced through OCPA procurement of renewable energy – the equivalent of removing 71,565 gas-powered vehicles off the road or equivalent to carbon sequestered by planting more than 5.3 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Specifically, in the City of Fullerton, 39,395 residential and 6,374 commercial customers are participating – an 84% participation rate resulting in a reduction ofover 102 million pounds of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing 10,348 gas-powered vehicles off the road. The 2023-24 OCPA budget is balanced with $329 million in net revenues and $288 million in total operating and non-operating expenses creating a reserve account of $41 million (with projected growth to $88 million in the Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund by June 30, 2024).

Factors contributing to positive outlook and financial strength include affordable rates; competitive Net Energy Metering with Net Surplus Compensation for excess solar production at 10% above SCE; and clean procurement strategies. He also presented several community programs including all those provided through SCE and a pending grant that will provide EV charging stations in Fullerton.

Before joining the agency as Communications Director in December 2022, Joe Mosca was founding member and served as chair of the board for San Diego Community Power, the second largest CCA in California. He is former deputy mayor of Encinitas and previously worked for San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Company. Mosca holds a Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University School of Law and is a 24-year member of the state bar. He is married to a doctor and they have two teenage sons. For More information visit