The DOWNTOWN Report: Mid-October 2023


Mid-October 2023

New in town

Allison’s Goods

They have moved into the former Farmer’s Insurance building at 815 North Harbor and will have a Soft Opening on Sunday, October 29th, from 1 pm to 5 pm. They specialize in 100% vegan products, offering soy candles, organic soaps, perfumes, smudge sprays, bath/body, and jewelry. They are expanding offerings to include gourmet food, sustainable home and kitchenware, and unique gift items. Most of the products are made right here in Fullerton. Go to or call 657-248-7316 for more information.

Sew Fun

Just across the street and a bit to the south, Sew Fun and more has opened at 622 North Harbor. They offer sewing classes for kids as well as art and drawing classes. Find them at


This new Peruvian restaurant has opened at 133 W Chapman. They specialize in rotisserie chicken and have several salads and stir fry, including stir fry spaghetti. Wow! It has ice cream, too.


Above: Union Bridge last December after a car drove through it.

The bridge repairs are going well.

Union Bridge gets a face lift

Union Bridge is no longer falling down. Well, it never really was, but the railing has been a different story. Last December, a driver made the curve on Pomona but missed the left turn to Union, apparently also missing the 10-mile-an-hour warning sign and arrow, went through the vintage concrete railing and ended up nearly sleeping with the fishes. Her passenger was not injured and managed to climb out of the barranca herself, but the driver had to be lifted out on a stretcher and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. (See Mid-December 2022 Observer.) Workers are placing the hand-crafted wooden concrete forms now, and once the concrete has cured, the railing will be in place and approximate the older look. Everything should be completed by the end of October, yes, this year.






Wilshire Walk Update

This project has been of great interest since it began when virtually all businesses downtown had difficulty surviving due to the COVID crisis. West Wilshire was closed to traffic so that restaurants there could provide safe outdoor dining. The early photo here was taken on May 22nd, 2020; below that, you see what it was like in April of 2022, and finally, the others are from last week, after the new signage and bike lane paint were completed. The bike path once again continues without riders needing to go through on foot, and there is enough signage on the street and on poles to ensure everyone passes through safely and easily. If we get enough comments here, there will be a follow-up story since so many have commented in the past throughout the many changes.

Photo Quiz

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Last time: The photo was taken on the second-floor balcony at Villa del Sol during one of the early Winterfest celebrations downtown.

This time: Where is this, and what is happening there?

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  1. Hi Karly

    As I said at the lectern, speaking as someone who can’t even :sit: on a bicycle anymore; I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with the resident/business-owner who came and spoke, advocating for better bicycle infrastructure. In the “City of Education,” WHY do we NOT have bicycle infrastructure radiating from ALL schools?!

  2. The Walk on Wilshire is amazing now, and I think the city has done a great job. I would like to see better bike parking there. Awesome work all around.

    • I agree that better bike parking would be great. I wish that I didn’t have to move dining chairs away from the bike rack every time I visit this bike/pedestrian friendly area