Muck Artist-in-Residence Creates Community Poetry Project

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center’s 2020 Artist-in-Residence poet, Katharine Zaun, is inviting the public to discover the poetry around them this summer as part of a community Found Poetry Project.

Submissions are open to anyone looking for a creative outlet, from novice to experienced writers, to visual artists, including kids, too.

Found poems are created by using an existing page of text (such as a page from a magazine, newspaper, or book) and remaking it by circling, underlining, or blacking out words.  Participants are encouraged to be creative visually by using markers, paint, pastels, or even masking tape to refashion the text.

Poems can be mailed in or dropped off in the mailbox at the north entrance to The Muck until July 31.  Once all the poems are collected, they will be decoupaged on large canvases and exhibited outside during the month of August.

For those interested in a brief tutorial, Ms. Zaun will be facilitating an instructional workshop over Zoom on Friday, July 17 at 2pm.  For more information on this project, visit:


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